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Under the leadership of Hon. OgwalLameck, the minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Makerere Students’ Guild organized a workshop in a project referred to as THE JUSTICE WEEK which took place on 27th Jan 2017 at Senate Building.


In detail..

Maternal health right visa vie the life of the unborn.

And to be noted is that the address and the panel comprised of questions and answers in line with the sub themes as highlighted herein;

1. Analysis of the right to reproductive health

2. The abortion debate as an irresolvable conflict of human right

3. Can one support women’s rights and oppose abortion?

4. Civil and political rights. An examination of the prevailing situation in Uganda

This has evolved to offer comprehensive and integrated approach to rights/needs which is obviously related to production. Likewise, the influence of un balanced conservative political, religious and cultural forces in Uganda threatens to undermine progress made in productive health largely due to different opinions held about the subject.
The workshop generated a lot of debate on as to whether or not there can be such thing as abortion. This was given priority in the debate.


 A plat form for a multi stakeholder discourse for human rights as a green light for development was accomplished.

 A theory was developed and practical skills in human rights, law and religion was imparted to the participants.

 It enhanced skills development in social, legal policy analysis, human rights and public advocacy.

 It also created a platform for a policy on legal abortion.

The workshop was graced over 300 hundred participants which included students of Makerere university, Kampala International University, Uganda Christian University among others.

In conclusion, the following personalities occupied the role of analyst

1. Professor Sylvia Tamale of law school Makerere university

2. Counsel Suzan of Human Right’s awareness and promotion forum

3. Counsel Charles of CEHURD

4. Reverend father Jonathan Opio of Human Life Uganda.