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The HULT PRIZE Movement has come to Makerere University to Partner with the Guild Ministry of ICT and Research!!!

This means that a low hanging fruit of USD 1M (Ugx 3.7billion) seed funding as packaged with other stage incentives is now in the reach of every student at Makerere University!!
THEME: Developing an Idea that will create meaningful Jobs for 10 milion young people within one decade


Great innovations across centuries have risen out of visionary minds, with individual ideas generated into positive energy to transform the world and make lives better. The task ahead of young people in our century is to further innovations that boost livelihoods, as well as equally distribute wealth to communities. Social entrepreneurs envision beyond financial benefits, they are a breed of entrepreneurs that seek to revolutionize the well-being of masses across the globe. More than ever, our generation is in dire need of innovations that address climate change, gender equity, equal health rights and a broad access to other social services. Can we address these challenges? The answer lies right within the mind.
Mr.Walugembe Silver, Director-Hult Prize @ Makerere University

The guild ministery for research and ICT intends to promote innovations in the university with a vision to create innovations hubs at the different colleges to mentor and guide the innovators to come up with eye catching concepts beneficial to the university, country and the world, at the same time engaging the students in profitable and meaningful activities in the alma mater.
On this note the student’s guild ministry of research and ICT has partnered with the HULT PRIZE FOUNDATION Makerere university to organize the HULT PRIZE INNOVATIONS CHALLENGE with the objective to promote innovations in agriculture, health, technology and entrepreneurship in the ivory tower
Hon. Watum Patric, Minister for ICT and Research 


The annual cycle of the Hult Prize

The Hult Prize international competition is an annual event with quarter finals hosted at University level globally. Quarter finalists advance to semi-finals at regional level from where the finalists are selected. The finalists pitch their project ideas at the New York City, USA. It is then that the winner is declared for the grand prize of USD 1,000,000.

Makerere University is one of the 100 Universities selected this year.

This means every student of Makerere University gets chance to compete for the hult Prize which is packaged with 1m USD(Ugx 3.7billion) 

See you at the United Nations


Mark your Calendar!

The Final Hult@Makerere Competition of 2018/19 Will start in... 

Saturday, November 10th 2018


Here are the noble ChangeMakers on the core team of Hult Prize @ Makerere, working together with  Mr. Silver Walugembe. Leverage them, they are approachable and eager to answer any questions about the Hult Prize.

Abdul Twaib Magambo

Teams Registrar

Gerald Oyeki

Mobilization Supervisor

Dorothy Kakai

Public Relations Official

Esther Ankunda

Judges Cordinator


Makerere University 
Main Campus
Kampala Uganda 


Email: walsil.sw@gmail.com          
Phone: +256 706 054 660